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January 6, 2011

Marc Pado Р US Market Strategist, Cantor Fitzgerald

January 6, 2010: US Market Strategist, Marc Pado, joined the Quarterly Report with Craig Hafer to give his insight on where he sees the markets heading into 2011. According to Pado, the rally over the past six months has taken stocks to valuations where a pullback may occur, especially in the sectors that were top performers in 2010. Pado sees 2011 as a small year in total percentage gain for the markets with some wild swings during the year. It is possible that the markets could have a 10% pullback during the first quarter. Marc attributed the accelerated depression allowance for 2011 as contributing to the improved confidence in the markets as companies can capitalize on this change in tax law. Due to this and a lower dollar, industrials and technology could do well. As far as 2012 is concerned, Pado believes that we could be entering a period of higher interest rates and a market north of 13,000.

Marc Pado is frequently quoted in the financial press, including appearances on CNBC, as well as other media outlets including Bloomberg, Fox Business News and CNN and now, we are happy to add, The Quarterly Report with Craig Hafer on WEEU! We look forward to bringing Marc back in 2012 to provide his insight into where he sees the markets heading into the future.